Tips to impress your interviewer

As you master the small talk and go on, here are some tips that will help you impress your interviewer. Go through this article on Kent Jobs to get a few tips before you attend an interview.

Remember you are invited

The company shortlists a few profiles from a large number they received. Why? The position they are looking for needs to match the profile in all aspects. The qualifications, experience, roles, package and many more come into play. So remember that after a long survey, you are invited, have a strong confidence in achieving the job and never take it easy.

Dress up well

Take the slogan ‘your first impression is the best impression’ into account. You need to showcase yourself with a professional way of dressing, in suit if possible. Your formals with tuck-in reveal a good impression to your interviewer.

Take a copy of your resume

Never forget to carry your resume in paper format. The interviewer might not have your resume at times; this allows him/her to cross-check your profile in brief.

Eat sufficient and sleep well

Take a full breakfast in the morning and this helps your body to withstand better through the day. Have a sound sleep the night before you attend the interview. This allows the body to cope better with the daylight. When you are short of sleep, it drives your mind to drowsiness.

Use first names

Many researchers prove that your good name when called, that’s when you respond immediately. Use your first name when going through the process of interviews. And the panel would also be impressed when you address a few original names of the interviewers that you have been going through the previous rounds for that company.


If you are looking for Jobs in Kent or elsewhere, these simple suggestions can guide you better while attending an interview.